Sunday, August 23, 2009

8/23 AM

Location: Old Mans
Tide: 3 and rising
Size: 3-5
Board: Wedding Board
Water Temp: 70
Wind Conditions: Texture

Bit of a crowd, but some nice lines were rolling in as I walked down the hill to Turmo. I headed out north, towards Old Man's. Loooooong waits between the good sets and the tide was rising fast. Took a few inside, and got a massive ball of seaweed on the leash. Had a great last ride.

Went to Sea World to celebrate Alison's birthday. The Shamu show was pretty cool, but I couldn't stop feeling bad for those guys in those small pools.

Met Jen's new pup, Sasha, today. Cute dog that's part lab. She'll love the water. Surfer dog?

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