Saturday, October 25, 2008

"new" board

Wilken Late '60s Transition Era Single Fin Surfboarrd

From the ad:
If you dig boards from the end of the longboard era and dawn of the shortboard revolution, then you will love this board. This board is in very good condition. It has the original plastic fin (I believe it's a Waveset), and there have been a few ding repairs as you can see in the photos, but it should be water tight and ready to ride or just hang on your wall as a showpiece.

I met the guy at Albertsons. He showed up in a late 60's bus full of boards. The bus looked only slightly better than my old one. I was surprised to hear that he drove down from LA... I didn't think that could go freeway speeds.

Anyway, board in hand I walked home realizing it didn't have a leash loop. I pretty much always surf with a leash. Vince didn't look like a guy that used a leash and I didn't dare say anything about it. I dragged out my repair kit and googled away trying to figure out how to make one with resign and fiberglass strands. Then I had the brilliant idea to call a surf shop to see if there was some sort of stick on product I could use. Sure enough Surfco makes this thing called an e-z plug. It was easy to put on and worked great for the first session. Probably took me 5 mintes to do. I would recommend this if you have a similar situation.

The first session was fun and I surfed until it was dark. When I got out and was waiting to shower off, this guy asked me if it was a v-bottom. To which I sheepishly replied"Not really". He asked me what year it was, for which I didn't have an answer. He ran his hand over the hull tail and said he thought it was a 70's board. We also talked about the fin and he talked about how it was the "bees knees" back in the day. This guy had a nice quad Gordan & Smith and I kind of think he was affiliated with the brand. I should have asked...

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