Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10/28 AM

Time: 8 AM
Location: Work
Tide: +5 and still going
Direction: 219°
Size: 2-3'
Board: Wilken
Water Temp: 62°
Wind Conditions: Pretty glassy

There were a few big sets, but mostly smaller stuff. Fun rides though. Wilken has that longboard glide. Bigger sets were sneakers that caught me off guard. Duck diving is possible, but a little tough on bigger waves. I had to remember how to turtle, felt like a mouse hanging on to a cork.

Wife comes home late tonight, so last night bachelor living for a while. No more eating mac & cheese out of the pot while lying in my underwear on the couch... Also, I think I'm going to leave Wilken at work since I'm out of room at home.

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