Saturday, October 18, 2008

Older reports


AM Session: ~ 9 AM, just south of the coaster in MB. 6' 4" Quad fish. A lot of tide, but fun shape. Longboarder type wave. It was pretty crowded and I sat right on the flag (after I got in trouble with the lifeguard. But that wasn't working so I moved right under a couple of janitors (stand up paddlers). I was probably out for an hour in trunks and rubber shirt, I wasn't too cold and got an frozen latte at Costco.

PM Session: ~4 PM, just north of Pipes in Cardiff after dropping off Nixon Super Hero SS for yet another service (don't buy this watch). 6'2 wooden keel fish, but could have used a longboard. Tide was really low and there wasn't near the same power as in the AM. And there was very little power this morning.I got a few waves and heard Pizza Port calling.


Lunch Session: ~11:30 with Miles and Keith and a few he knows. Great session and I'm glad I brought the 6'2 wooden keel fish. Lot's of fun shape, very workable faces.

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