Friday, December 5, 2008

12/5 AM

Time: 8
Location: Pump House
Tide: +2.5
Direction: 279
Size: 3-5,6'
Board: Wedding board
Water Temp: 62
Wind Conditions: Slight texture

Point was going off, I've got to check their first next time. Fun rights coming through, but longboarders were able to make the flat sections and get right into my peak. Almost dropped in on a guy and I apologized as soon as I could find him... Might head out a lunch. Had a bunch of fun controlled wave exits, a kick out to avoid a closeout and one where I went to lay back and got the underside of the board with fins in the back... no cuts, but maybe a bruise.

When I got out, there was a guy standing in the parking lot staring at the point like a little kid looking at an ice cream truck. He stood there the entire time it took me to change and put my gear away.

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