Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3/25 AM

Time: 8
Location: Turmo
Tide: +4 and rising
Direction: 283
Size: 2-4'
Board: Double Eagle
Water Temp: 57
Wind Conditions: ever so slight texture

Not as good as yesterday, but probably got better as the tide dropped. Raced one guy for a misleading wave or two. He was in a rubber shirt and trunks! Did end up getting a few fun ones near the pump house.

I parked in a spot on the north side of the lot, I usually grab one on the south. There were a bunch of guys standing around the Pathfinder blocking my access. I had my board over my head and motioned that I was going to get in and put the board on the roof and this dumbass hit my board with his board. For a sec, I thought something was going to happen. But I think the guy realized he was in the wrong and didn't say anything.

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