Saturday, June 13, 2009

6/13 AM

Time: 6:30
Location: Pump house
Direction: 221
Size: 3-5, 6'
Board: Double Eagle
Water Temp:
Wind Conditions:

I drove down to turmo, but had to turn around when I thought that I forgot my rash guard. I thought it might have fallen out when I was trying to make the new cooler fit in the Pathfinder. It's too big and I ended up taking it out and putting it back in the house. Anyway, by the time I got down to Turmo people were already leaving. Turns out there's a contest and no parking. So I ended up going home and walking down. When I did get down there, some guy tried to rope me into taking the bouy out. The thing was pretty big and had an anchor and there was no way I was putting that on my board. Some other guy tried to swim it out and it looked like he had problems.

When I finally did get out, it was already getting crowded because they had taken a good chunk of Turmo for the contest. I did grab some fun outside waves and sat right on the bouy.

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