Monday, June 22, 2009

6/21 PM

Time: 3
Location: TP North
Tide: 3?
Direction: 279?
Size: 2-4
Board: Wedding Board
Water Temp: 64
Wind Conditions: Texture

Took Alison with me to move into new office today. At first the surf monkey was lost and then, when I found him, he was broken off at the knees. Not to impressed with the new area... anyway, we ended up going to TP on the way home. The beach was packed, but they didn't have a swim zone setup! Surf was not too good because the backwash was swallowing up waves, but some were still doable. Fun drops to mushed out hands in trying to get another inch on the waves. When I got out, Alison was fast asleep in her chair.

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