Sunday, November 16, 2008

11/16 AM **

Time: 10 ish
Location: Law St
Tide: +6
Direction: 267
Size: 1-3'
Board: 9' 2" Murphy Pintail Noserider longbord
Water Temp: 62
Wind Conditions: slight at the end

Alison joined and it turned out to be lot's of fun. This happens pretty much every time I bust out the longboard after it has sat for a while. It was crowded, but you get a jump start on the waves compared to the fishes and what not. Today was longboard material for sure. There was a little guy out there on a foam board and he was doing really well.

Waves were peeling just right and I was able to walk, cutback and do a couple of floaters. Got out when I was hungry, but could have been a 4 hour session it was so fun.

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