Saturday, November 29, 2008

11/29 Lunch **

Time: 12
Location: Turmo?
Tide: +4 and falling
Direction: 274
Size: 2-4, 5'
Board: Wedding board, back to stock fins. Redid middle wax and polished the hull while waiting for Alison to get back from yoga.
Water Temp: 63
Wind Conditions: Yes, from the north

Checked out Bird Rock a few hours ago and it was looking really good:

But heading out at Turmo with Alison...
Started out near just north of the pump house and ended up just south of PB Point. Good waves to be had all around. Got a very different feel from Wedding after going back to the stock fins. Less skatey and more drive and direction. Got some great rides where I ended up on the wave exactly where I wanted to be. Alison was on the Old Quad and got several good rides too (better day and attitude than yesterday). Towards the point, I wished I had a bit more board.

Swell Direction | Size & Water Temp | Tide

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