Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New skateboard: Arbor Sizzler

Picked up a new skateboard today at Sun Diego. There were having a pretty good sale where if you donated three items, you got 20% off your purchase. I've had my eye on the Arbor Sizzle for a little while now, and I took advantage of the deal.

I have a couple of Sector 9's. A longboard I keep in my Mustang just in case I need it. And a carbon fiber slalom type I keep on the patio. These boards are great and I have put many miles on the longboard from when I worked in La Jolla and was too cheap to pay to park. But neither one of them turned as good as I liked. The slalom lacked a kick, which made for some hairy rides for my skill level (lack of skill).

I road it around the parking lot and then into work after lunch (downhill .5 miles) and the Sizzler is great so far. It really does turn on a dime. I tightened up the trucks a bit in an effort to make it not as squirrelly. Scrubbing speed off is easy with a few powerful turns. No burning up the sole of my flops so far.

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No need for three boards, so I'm selling one:

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