Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11/4 AM (Election Day)

Time: 8:30
Location: Pump House
Tide: +4 rising, kind of.
Direction: 215
Size: 2-4'
Board: Wedding board
Water Temp: 64
Wind Conditions: some

Headed down to Old Man's, but it wasn't breaking. So I went and voted instead. Lines weren't bad, but it was raining and I got soaked just getting in to the school. Leo was working there and he remembered my name. He reported that the lines were already started at 6 AM and the polls didn't open until 7.

Raining! Lots of seaweed on the inside. Not many people out. Some fun rides, but water was brown by the time I got out. There was a strong odor that wasn't rotting seaweed when I got out and showered off. Talked to a guy about the voting in the parking lot. Friendly, but probably voted the opposite of me.

Hope D fails!

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