Friday, April 24, 2009

4/24 AM **

Time: 10 ish
Tide: +4, high tide at 9:50
Direction: 217
Size: 2-4
Water Temp:
Wind Conditions:

Meet Adam there. I was a little late because I had to get gas and then I ended up forgetting my wet suit. Luckily Adam had an old spring in his car (my old Body Glove - ended up getting a friction rash under my arms). Mike met us out there a bit later. Some big sets were coming through. Lost the board on a turtle once. Tried o punch through what I could without turtling. Got some fun rides, but paid the price for ridding all the way in. Got some really fun ones towards the end. Lost traction on one steep turn and almost pulled off an unintentional layback. Surfed mostly at the point that straddled the swim zone on the north.

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