Friday, April 3, 2009

4/3 AM **

Time: 8:30
Tide: +3
Direction: 275?
Size: 3-5, 6'
Board: Double Eagle
Water Temp: 60 (ordered farmer Jon from JK)
Wind Conditions: slight

Nice, long session today. It was really fun with some good size and best of all, there weren't a lot of people out. Right? Adam ended up paddling out and joining me for a bit. Bald guy was out the yelling it up and having a good time. Got some good drops, fun cutbacks, fun bottom turns and dropped on a few I didn't think I would make. It was because they broke right on my back. Some how the board just help and jetted me out where I needed to be. There were some Irish ladies out there having fun;.

Swell Direction | Size & Water Temp | Tide

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