Sunday, May 3, 2009

5/3 PM **

Time: 6 ish
Location: Law
Tide: +2
Direction: 269
Size: 2-4
Board: Bonzer
Water Temp: 62
Wind Conditions: Some texture

Some outside sets coming through that were holding up pretty well. It was crowded. At one point I was on a left and had to avoid someone. When I cutback, there was another guy on my tail! How we avoided colliding is beyond me. He shot me a pretty pissed off look as his leashless white fish went to shore. I don't know if his peak and my peak connected, but from his look I think he thought I dropped in on him. I didn't intentionally do that. Anyway, still a fun session with some great rides.

Smoking a chicken for dinner tonight took a long time. Started at 4:30 and pulled it around 10:30. The white meat was a little dry and it could have come out sooner. Keeping the temp consistent was hard and it got a little to low when I went surfing.

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