Monday, July 13, 2009

7/12 AM

Time: 10
Location: South TP
Tide: 3?
Direction: 230?
Size: 1-3
Board: Pill
Water Temp: 65
Wind Conditions: Glassy most of the day

Great day at TP today. Again, went to the section where there's a big round scoop missing out of the top of the cliff. Just south of where the hawks were hanging out. I did three mini sessions and sat and read between each. There was only one other surfer and a family on boggie boards were occasionally out. On one wave had to ride between the family in a pretty narrow gap. A little girl asked me if surfing was fun. I told her that it was almost as fun as sponging. These speed dialer fins work great on this board too. I was able to get in front of waves when I was behind. I got a few bay barrels, but I could make it out of them.

Finished the 'Glitter Dome' and picked Alison up from the airport today.

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