Monday, July 20, 2009

7/19 AM

Time: 8 ish
Location: Tower 18
Tide: +2?
Direction: 223
Size: 1-3
Board: Pill
Water Temp: 70
Wind Conditions: glassy to light texture

First day back in the water after going to the wedding in Seattle. Feels good to be back in the ocean. I hit the pool up a few times on the trip, and I forgot how much the chlorine stings the eyes. Fun stuff today and good times. I was the only one on my peak most of the time. I did slip once trying to push into a pop up, but luckily avoided slamming back down.

Rather than doing a second session today, Alison brought an inner tube style raft and I swam out with my fins to the swim zone. We had fun on this overly hot day. We were probably floating around for about an hour. Then we sat in our chairs for a while and read (Alison slept). For dinner, we walked down with Shelby to Cass St Bakery for the last meal of our vacation. It was good to have Shelby walking strongly after he recent front paw issue.

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