Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/25 Lunch

Time: 12:20
Location: Boneyards
Tide: 5?
Direction: 218
Size: 3-5, sets to 8
Board: Pill
Water Temp: 74?
Wind Conditions: Texture

Crowded, but still some are to work with. It was a long walk to the break and I the surf was hitting the cliff at one point. You had to walk out in the crashing surf. If you looked just right, it was like you were the first person to surf the area. It took awhile to get comfortable. The sets were big and looked like they were tearing off limbs, but you just need to make the big drop. It would rush out with a lot of speed, and then mush out. Although, I had extremely long rides for the pill. At one point, I was on the nose as much as I could be. I was supposed to meet Adam, but he was a no-show.

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