Thursday, January 8, 2009

1/8 AM

Time: Noonish
Location: Law
Tide: +4
Direction: 266
Size: 2-4'
Board: Pill
Water Temp: 57
Wind Conditions: Santa Anna's, slight though

Checked it out this AM, and it just wasn't any good. Lunch wasn't much better... but it is beautiful out. Full on Santa Anna conditions today; dry, hot and a slight wind from the west. Did easily get some rides on the pill. Just speaks to how well it floats I guess. Such a difference from the longboard.

When I went to check out Turmo at lunch, some old man in a sliver Civic taking his time getting around the parking lot. He stopped in such a way as to block going around after we rounded the bathrooms, so I backed it up and squeezed into a spot. I walked over to check out the surf after parking, and he walked over to me and he had two sets of glasses on. He asked if I was driving the car with Colorado plates and was jawing about how he was trying to pull around into that spot, but it was too tight. There were 75% of the spots open too! When I told him I didn't have CO plates he muttered something about having the wrong guy. Now I'm trying to be less confrentational... I was itching to tell him that he shouldn't be driving anymore - hang it up. It will happen to me one day though. As I was leaving I saw a large delivery truck make the corner with one quick point.

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