Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1/22 AM

Time: 7 ish
Location: Turmo
Tide: +5 and falling
Direction: 277
Size: 3 To 5 Feet With Mixed Swell.
Board: Double Eagle
Water Temp: 56
Wind Conditions: None, but the weather is starting to change. It wasn't sunny and rain is predicted later today.

Shelby and Alison came walked down with me and took a few photos. Honestly, it did pick up a bit after they left. No, really! Got a bit of a late start which resulted in a quick session. I got several good rides, but it was closing out on the inside (odd for Turmo). The tide was high and there you could feel the backwash.

Swell Direction | Size & Water Temp | Tide

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