Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/20 AM

Time: 7
Location: Turmo
Tide: 4+ and falling
Direction: 2
Size: 3-5,6'
Board: Double Eagle
Water Temp: 56
Wind Conditions: None, still summer nice out as far as the air temp.

Got up early and logged the Eagle down to Turmo. Not as big or consistent as yesterday... at least not with the tide the way it was. Maybe it will be better later on. Still fun though and I was able to get some great rides. I had one wave where I had to kick out, and I was worried that I might damage the board. It is easy enough to hop of the face if you can figure out when it's going to closeout. Did pearl a couple of times, but getting it dialed in. Need to fix/replace the leash lanyard and probably get a new leash. I would also like to get a canvas bag for it and maybe some different fins.

Swell Direction | Size & Water Temp | Tide

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