Sunday, January 11, 2009

1/11 Lunch

Time: Noonish
Location: Turmo/Old Man's
Tide: +4 falling
Direction: 277
Size: 2-3
Board: Longboard
Water Temp: 57, but the air was 70's!
Wind Conditions: Nothing too bad

Talked to a guy with a beautiful blue tint Skip Frye Double Eagle for a bit at the stairs to Old Man's. I asked him if "that" was a double eagle and he just kind of shrugged. And then pointed out a Skip and mentioned his friend was on a really nice pink board. I couldn't really tell because of the glare, but it was really nice out.

Then I walked down to surf and saw Skip loading up for the day. A lot of people were getting ready for the game (spoiler alert: San Diego loses). I had a fun longboard day and got some loooong rides. Tried to take videos, but nothing too solid, photos really show how nice it was though... like a summer day.

Swell Direction | Size & Water Temp | Tide

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